BBQ Joint – How to Order Like a Pro

Barbecue has become one of the most popular ways to cook meat all over the world. In the past, barbecue was something of a rarity in many countries but with big barbecue chain restaurants and eateries being established rapidly, barbecue is now easily available all around the world. However, people who are new to the world of barbecue would find the menus at barbecue joints quite confusing and intimidating. Most barbecue amateurs go into a restaurant with an idea of what they intend to order but that is not the right way to go about it. Though the menus at different barbecue restaurants may look similar, each restaurant has its own specialty.

Read on to find out how to order like a pro and make the best out of your next visit to a BBQ joint.

When it comes to barbecue, it is always safer to ask rather than make assumptions. The best course of action is to scan the menu and if you see that one meat is given more importance, you should go ahead and order that particular meat. If you do not see any obvious trend, though, you should just ask the server what the special of the day is. This is usually the dish that the pit master has put together with care and you just cannot go wrong here. Also, if you go for a heavy BBQ dish such as brisket, it is best to stay away from heavy sides. Balance out the heavy meat with a light side dish. It is always safe to order greens such as collards along with your barbecue.

To make sure you are getting fresh barbecue, it is advisable to avoid dishes which are a fusion of barbecue and non-barbecue elements. This is where the barbecue leftovers of the previous day are directed. The timing also matters. Barbecue is usually prepared all night and ready to be served by lunchtime. So, this is probably the best time to eat barbecue at restaurants.

In order to get the best BBQ experience, you’ve got to know how to ask for what you want. Familiarize yourself with the barbecue lingo of the area you are in and you are sure to succeed at ordering BBQ. For example, most barbecue enthusiasts know that outside meat is preferable as that is where all the real flavor is. However, outside meat is called “end cuts” in Texas, “burnt cuts” in Kansas, and “outside browns” in the Carolinas. If you use the right lingo according to the place, the servers will know they are serving a well-informed guest and will make sure you get the best cuts of meat. So, it is important to read up on regional BBQ lingo.

Many barbecue connoisseurs avoid BBQ sauce entirely. But the sauce isn’t always a bad idea. Take a bite or two with the sauce and if you feel it enhances the flavor, it’s all the better. However, be sure you do not completely slather your barbecue in sauce and drown out its flavor.

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