The History behind charcoal smoker?

Heard about the colonial year? A long time ago right? Yes, American have been grilling and smoking since colonial years or maybe even before that, who knows? The tradition of smoking and grilling probably started with Sarawak people roasting meat on a wooden structure.

The first name given was barbacoa and then pit style as the pit style format of cooking was being used in the later years in southeastern areas of America. It was an operation employed so that people could slow cook their hogs, with passing time and with lots and lots of developments started taking place hot dogs and hamburgers became common and were always seen on the menu.


Modern charcoal briquette was developed by E.G.Kingsford and E.G.Kingsford was somewhat related to henry ford and together with the ideas were lots and lots of wood scraps were being wasted throughout the manufacturing of their  model because of this Kingsford developed another idea of actually creating a charcoal manufacturing next time so it was in the TO-DO LIST once he passed away the name of the company was switched to Kingsford charcoal coin order to show respect towards him.

Ever saw your charcoal grill A.K.A smoker and felt like who is the designer? if yes and if you still don’t know then let me tell you it was George Stephen, he is responsible for the way your hemispherical grill layout is Stephen’s friends called the layout as “sputnik”. He was employed by weber brothers metal works, company’s main concern was just melting steel.

Stephen found ash on his food once he barbecued and to help himself in resolving the bad situation he created by the body of the grill and then invented the lid as another fabricated hemisphere and like this gave birth to weber-Stephen products co.

Outdoor gas grills were invented by melton Lancaster, William G.wepfer, and Arkansas. Wepfer was a graduate and you know from where ? from U.S. Naval Academy and he had the responsibility to inspire ARKLA residents to actually purchase the natural gas and this gave our loved wafer the theory to acquire a basic charcoal grill/smoker.

This is all about the history and now I think you now that history is not boring it is really nice to know the history behind something you love when we read about the history of something we love we actually smile and I think smiling is good for health as well and I really want to thank all the individual who were behind the making of charcoal smokers and grills as I m a big fan of smoking and grilling and even of the Char-Broil charcoal grill my dad gifted me one on the day I graduated as he know how much I love grilling and smoking and after reading the history I now know that how my smoker was made and I m very much happy with the design and the way it works I never ever had any complaints about the way my smoker is, I’m very much happy with it and hope you are too.

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