What flavor pellet should you choose for your chicken?

There are a lot of pellets available in the market but which one is the right flavor for your chicken or for your pork? Ever thought about it? If not then think about it now. Yu don’t have to do the research because I already have done so let me share it with you-

  • let’s talk about ALDER – these pellets are said to be the most versatile in nature their aroma and because of the mild flavor that they produce, they produce a perfect amount of smoke it is perfect for the most delicate flavors for instance baked goods or chicken or even fish.
  • Now it’s time we talk about APPLE – apple woods are mostly used with pork and poultry, apple wood pellets of Pellet Boss Smoker produce light, fruity smoke and both of these qualities help in enhancing the mild flavors of meat .next time try roasted apple pie with apple wood pellets you will fall in love.
  • Heard about CHERRY woods? – cherry woods are basically for heart smoky flavor. Do you love marinated beef ribs? If yes then you must try them when with cherry wood pellets.
  • HICKORY most common name heard,  isn’t it? – it is seen as the most commonly used pellets, these pellets are used for the strong flavor and more to it hickory wood pellets actually compliment most of the meats available in the market. You can even mix hickory and apple. Next time when you make pork roast go for hickory pellets.

  • MAPLE – maple is a mix of mild and sweetness, maple wood pellets give you a mild flavor smoke with a bit of sweetness. Love turkey? Then you must go for maple.
  • Texas is all about MESQUITE – people living in texas love mesquite, mesquite is all hearty smoky flavor, it infuses the meat with hearty flavor. Heard about southwestern stuffed pepper? This stuffed pepper requires a lot of smoke and that’s why mesquite is the one for it.
  • I hope you have heard about OAK –oak is seen a great middle ground wood pellet because of the intensity of smoke produced by oak.oak is a bit stronger than apple and cherry flavor wood pellets. If you are a fish lover or a Mahi –mahi shish kabob lover oak is the best option available for you in the market.
  • The last in the list of flavored pellet woods is PECAN – pecan is nutty and a little spicy, pecan goes well with pork, poultry, and beef. Pecan even adds a great depth to your baked goods. If you veer plan to make pumpkin bread you must use pecan wood pellets.

I know you love your meat and fishes but to give them a better taste you need the magic of your hands as well as the magic of the wood pellets. You must know the importance of the flavor pellets available in the market. Flavor pellets were not invented because the inventor was bored but they were invented because the owner was a foodie and he or she wanted to give a better smoky flavor to their food.

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